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17 December 2027 @ 08:52 pm


If you're here for my icons, don't worry -- those posts will be public. Everything else is just my own personal ramblings, but if you want to be my friend, comment with how you got here or why you want to be my friend, and I'll be happy to friend back!
25 February 2012 @ 08:03 pm
Oh my God, guys! I made a video! I just wanted some eye candy to make me smile. Plus there's just so many amazing scenes that make me smile in the series that I wanted them all in one place. Hope it makes you smile. :)

Title: sherlock makes me smile
Music: Smile - Uncle Kracker
Rating: PG (minor striptease, not that we didn't enjoy it!)
Warnings: spoilers for Season 2 (nothing from the finale)

Motivation for the scene: excitedexcited
Background music: Smile - Uncle Kracker
21 February 2012 @ 12:03 pm
Wow, it's been an actual eternity since I posted any icons. Good thing I've become addicted to Sherlock then. Because believe me, if this is the number of icons I can make just from the first episode, you can imagine how many I can make when I'm fully caught up on the rest of the series. :P

42 Icon Multi-Fandom Post
[01 - 12] Haven
[13 - 42] BBC's Sherlock ('A Study in Pink' quotes // plus animated)
NOTE: Some of the quotes might be off by one word. I tried to make them as accurate as possible.


'Who hunts in the middle of a crowd?'Collapse )
Motivation for the scene: creativecreative
Background music: BBC Sherlock Theme
04 November 2010 @ 08:10 pm
So it's pretty much been FOREVER since I posted any icons. I actually started this batch while watching Life on Mars, and since I'm all about the random, I started iconing a couple other shows. It always feels good to get back into it. It's such a stress relief. And fun. Don't forget fun. :)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy them. Regular rules apply. Credit is awesome and comments are love.

51 Icon Multi-fandom Post
{01-09} Castle
{10-21} Eureka
{22-33} Life on Mars
{34-42} Sanctuary (mostly Nikola Tesla, again)
{43-51} Tangled (upcoming Disney flick)



'' Let's not shoot the crazy end-of-the-world machine just yet. ''Collapse )
Motivation for the scene: creativecreative
Background music: Till I Hear You Sing - Ramin Karimloo
06 April 2010 @ 12:28 am
If it were possible to clone a same-age version of yourself, do you think the two of you would be friends? Do you think you'd enjoy each other's company or find the similar point of view boring?

Well, actually tricki_nicki and I have had a theory going for the last year or so that we're actually clones. Same age, same likes and dislikes... it's actually kind of creepy. We figure it's a top secret government program of some kind. And we are friends, and fortunately I haven't killed her yet (though that might just be a distance issue...).

But, I'm going to say yes.

Hopefully sometime tomorrow I'll be able to make a proper post!
Motivation for the scene: busybusy
Title: While you Were Sleeping
100Prompts: #82 – Can You Hear Me?
Show: Sanctuary
Character(s): Nikola Tesla, Helen Magnus
Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 and the Season 2 two-part premiere
Summary: Cut scene from 2x02, "End of Nights II" -- While Henry is off taking care of Kate, an angry Nikola storms in to tell Helen that he can't do the impossible. But what is Nikola to do when he finds her asleep in her chair?
Disclaimer: Neither of the two characters are mine. I just use them for character practice. Nikola's perspective again, and I tried as best I could to make the situation realistic and his voice authentic. Practice makes perfect.
NOTE: When Nikola is talking about Watson's "habit", it's in reference to his possible cocaine use. Since Sherlock Holmes did cocaine, and his character was based on James Watson, then Watson himself could have originally been a cocaine user. I'm just taking liberties with that. So that's what Nikola is referring to.
Word Count: 1,154

Motivation for the scene: pleasedpleased
Background music: My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
23 March 2010 @ 09:12 pm
Title: Wishes and Wants
100Prompts: #59 - No Way Out
Show: Sanctuary
Character(s): Nikola Tesla, Helen Magnus
Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 and the Season 2 two-part premiere
Summary: My take on the scene between Nikola and Helen in the lab, from "End of Nights II" (2x02) . One-sided Nikola/Helen.
Disclaimer: I have never struggled with a character so much as I have with Sanctuary's Nikola Tesla, let me tell you. He's a very hard man to capture. He thinks more than he says, and there's no guarantee that what he says is ever the truth. He's a real challenge. I'm going to have a lot of fun figuring him out from a writer's perspective, that's for sure. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could use a scene and his dialogue to help me write him convincingly. The scene is straight from the show, but anything that isn't action or dialogue is mine.
Word Count: 1536

Motivation for the scene: determineddetermined
Background music: The Stranger - Billy Joel
23 March 2010 @ 09:39 am
Wow, it's been a while since I posted any icons! Most of these are from January, but I never got around to posting. Obviously, now I am. :)  I'm hoping to get into the habit of posting icons again on a regular basis when the summer comes. It's almost therapeutic making these things. It's awesome.

Regular rules apply. Credit is awesome and comments are love.

42 Icon Multi-fandom Post
{01-15} SyFy's Alice (mostly Hatter x Alice)
{16-24} Primeval (S1&2)
{25-30} Sherlock Holmes
{31-42} Sanctuary (mostly Nikola Tesla)


What's a fake death among friends?Collapse )
Motivation for the scene: cheerfulcheerful
Background music: Heartache Tonight - The Eagles
12 January 2010 @ 09:23 am
Assorted batch of icons. I've been working with different styles and colours and texts, so you might notice similar icons in the batch. Hope you all like and enjoy them! Please credit, and comments help me to know which ones everyone likes! :) There's a lot of Andrew Lee Potts in here. I hope I'm not developing an addiction... *smiles*

60 Icon Multi-fandom Post
{01-12} SyFy's Alice (mostly Hatter x Alice)
{13-27} Primeval (S1&2)
{28-33} Terminator (Kyle Reese)
{34-39} Stock (books/writing)
{40-60} Princess and the Frog


'Look, it's nearly twelve o'clock... and we're probably going to have to save the world again before bedtime...'Collapse )
Motivation for the scene: creativecreative
Background music: I Fought the Law - The Clash
08 November 2009 @ 09:37 am
Title: Some Kind of Family
Show: Leverage
Word Count: 563
Pairing/Characters: Eliot, Eliot/Nate friendship implied
Summary: I was really struck by the scene in the finale (The Lost Heir Job) where Nate is almost shot by the crooked cop. The way Eliot shouted Nate's name (and blowing his cover in the process) showed how concerned he was. Which, considering it's Eliot, is rarity to see on the show. So this story came from that. Post-episode, Eliot is wondering what would have happened if he hadn't gotten there in time. What did Nate mean to them?

It was the first feeling of a family that Eliot had experienced in a long time. And that guy... that cop... had almost taken that all away.Collapse )
Motivation for the scene: nerdynerdy
Background music: Masterpiece Theater I - Marianas Trench
Multi-fandom post for your enjoyment! Hope you guys like them! Usual rules apply -- comments and love and please credit. But please DO NOT HOTLINK to the headers! If you do, I'll end up having to take it down.

[01 - 09] The Big Bang Theory + header/friends only (PennyxSheldon and promo pictures)
[10 - 24] Nanowrimo (When in Doubt...)
[25 - 45] Psych (Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark)
- Plus 2 Iron Man header/Friends only banner


'Look man, I have been SHOT! I am jumping on SOMEBODY'S CAR!'Collapse )
Motivation for the scene: creativecreative
Background music: Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson
20 September 2009 @ 04:32 pm
Hooray for more icons! My sister got me watching Glee (quite entertaining) so I iconed that show for the first time. And of course, more Psych. Little more recent episode this time around. :)

I'm also slightly addicted to the 'Trash hand' font. I've loved it forever, but I finally found out the name of it and downloaded it. ^_^

[01 - 18] Psych (mostly from 'Shawn has the Yips')
[19 - 33] Glee (episodes 1-3)


The Yips -- a state of nervous tension affecting an athlete (e.g. overthrowing first base)Collapse )

Motivation for the scene: creativecreative
Background music: Gold Digger - Glee cast version